Business Minivan used for Group Transfers in Rwanda and Burundi

Renting a business minivan for your trip to Kigali and Bujumbura with Augustine Transfers is a convenient and reliable option.

Traveling to Kigali for business purposes can be made much easier with the option of renting a business minivan from Augustine Transfers. With their reliable service, you can ensure a smooth and comfortable journey to your destination, allowing you to focus on your work and make the most out of your trip.

You will have a dedicated professional chauffeur knowledgeable about the area for your entire journey.  Why are minivan transfers around Kigali the perfect choice for comfortable and convenient transportation?  Kigali road quality is known for its well-maintained infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride throughout your journey. Our business minivan transfers in Kigali are the ideal choice for those seeking comfortable and convenient transportation options.